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Posted on 08 August 2016


  • I'm just writing a small note to you to inform you that your website, and over all astrology has helped me look at my life in a new and wonderful light. Your horoscopes give me some insight to what is happening in my life right now... So THANKS!From: Danielle



  • Good morning! l just had to email you to say thank you for your call yesterday. Not only did I feel enlightened after our conversation yesterday but my health has improved out of this world. l've been suffering some kind chest cold/infection for the past 4 weeks and to be honest it was starting to really get me down. However, l feel that your words of wisdom and pure energy has just nudged me along the positive path in more ways than one. For that, I thank you. Have a fantastic day! I look foward to buying you a coffee tomorrow.From:Alison
  • A friend of mine came to see you for a reading- she said you were fabulous, I was wondering if I coufd book in for a personal reading. Thanks.  From: Christine
  • Hi Dadhichi,I wanted to express my gratitude in preparing and presenting such a beautiful report and one which I found to be delightfully enlightening, and something that I can treasure for some time. Thanking you again. From: Helene
  • I'm sure you like to know when you are accurate. Last week you were saying I needed to be careful - asked me if I'd had any recent accidents etc. Travelling home from farm last night about 6pm. Car coming towards me, towing a trailer. He didn't take a corner cleanly and his trailer fish tailed all over the place. If I'd been 500 metres closer, he would have collected me! Then, the universe decides to deliver me a 'go slower' message. I was booked for speeding half aa hour later. Good piece of road that I know well. $189 fine and 3 points off my license. Who cares a bout the money.Its the points! Now I only have 6 left, after a former speeding ticket. also returning from the country. The universe wants me to slow down!!! Thanks.From:Louisa
  • Dear Dadhichi, My face to face reading with you was amazing, everything you said was extremely accurate. You touched on a deceased friend of mine Kim Thompson who passed many years ago now and that was unbelievable, knowing that she's still around me gives me a sense of what our friendship meant to her. On leaving my sitting with you i found that a great weight had been lifted off my shoulders and i now have a better understandinq of where my life is headed and the things i need to do to help myself get to where i want to be. I thank you again for sharing your gift with me.From: Sandi
  • Hi Dadhichi, hope you remember me the Singapore Girl you met  in Sydney. i wanna tell you that what you've told me actually happened, about the good news in December and that it will only happen in February. Yes, i got a job ! But kind of sad that i have to leave the airline and do something that is totally different from my present job. i was telling my girlfriends and aunty about how good you are and they are very interested. to find out more about how they can go about having their '' fate" told through the net or the phone, your charges, and how to go about paying you. .Just to refresh my memory, did you say that you could or could not hear my wedding belI this year. Hope to hear from you soon, til1 then, take care, Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true. From: Theresa




  • Mr Dadhichi, I saw you today in Tv show and I have to say that what you did say is really close to my reality . I am Cancerian and my life is unusually hard in most of things but finances are probably major right now. That is also why I am using your astrology reports only occasionally. I feel that I am right now in unbelievable pressure. I ordered report about my past life because I wish to find out more about my past. what I am going through right now look like punishment and test to me. Thank you for your reports - I am maximally happy with your help since now.From: Andrea Kludsky
  • I Thank you for sending the reading on my present future and how Jupiter is going to effect me, in the future. It is strange that I received this email today, as I was also advised today that I had won a new job that I applied for a couple of months back. I feel that I am heading into something new and exciting and that my life is changing now for the better in my career, socially and personally.  From: Pene
  • Dadhichi, thank you for the report. I have to be quiet honest: it very closely resembles consciously aware of. Once again, thank you. Warmest regards. From: Sagi
  • Thank you so much for the report. Absolutely amazing, I have had my chart done before but must say I read this one with my mouth open! I will be ordering some more soon!From: Sarah



  • Hi Dadhichi, I sent in a photo of my face to you a quite a while ago, for a face reading. I accidentally came across the reading that you did for me in "Magazine Woman's Day" dated 20th December. I am writing to tell you that you were beautifully accurate on all ,of what you wrote, this I find absolutely amazing!!!l I would love to learn so much about those subjects. Also wondering why your name is Dadihichi as it is extremely unusual (would you have changed it due to some numerological reason) I will try to take your advice on board and learn how to say" No", as I am always saying "Yes" to everybody, just wish I knew how to do it, as I have always linked saying "No" to rejection.  I truly believe that a lot of women feel compelled to say Yes, due to the nurturing caring nature that the majority of females possess, or on the other hand due to lack of self esteem, and the rejection thingy. Thank you for your time, and the report I really do appreciate it.From : A.K.


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