The New Birthday Report - Solar Return Forecasting Report



It is well-known that a solar return chart is a chart cast in reference to the instant the Sun returns to the exact place where it was at the moment you were born, and in relation to wherever you happen to be now. That’s simple enough. This happens within a day of your birthday every year, and therefore, the solar return is called your birthday chart. Your natal chart may be the most important description of you, but your Solar Return is considered, by many astrologers, to be the most important chart for describing your current year.

Last, but not least, The Birthday Report includes a detailed day-by-day calendar of the coming year. This calendar is not, simply, a printed list, but each day is illustrated with a graphic. These images help the client to get in tune with, or get “a feel for,” the Astro-event listed on a particular day.

Solar Return Chart
Interpretations for Planets in signs, houses, and aspects
Interpretations for Solar Return Planets making conjunctions 
Natal Planets & Asc, MC

One year's events for
Transits of Su, Me, Ve, Ma to Solar Return chart
Progressed Solar Return Moon to Solar Return points
Progressed Solar Return Moon to Natal points
Solar Return's MC & Asc Progressed by Daily Houses to conjunctions of Natal chart
Solar Return's MC & Asc Progressed by Daily Houses to conjunctions of
Solar Return chart

Quick Guide to major cities around US & World (about 30?)
Showing malefic, benefic strengths for the Solar Return at each city

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