Sunshine After Rain: One Woman's Journey to a Better Life by J. R. Lucy

Sunshine After Rain

It is possible to completely reinvent your life after leaving an unhappy relationship.

It takes time and persistence, but it can be done. Be prepared to lose friends and family along the way to this new "you," but you will emerge as a stronger, more resourceful and resilient person.

This new life can be wonderful. I know because I did it at sixty years of age. I am truly happy for the first time in three decades.

About the Author

Over many years, I have read stories about other people's lives and the way they have triumphed over adversity. This story is about the obstacles I have faced. I walked out on a marriage when my daughter was only ten months old, and I survived. I married again and stayed in that partnership until it was almost time for us to retire, and then I realised that we had such different ideas about retirement that I could no longer stay in that relationship. Again I left, but by then, I was sixty years old and had to start my life over again as a single senior person whose friends and family took sides. I was financially compromised, but I knew I would be able to redesign my life as I have an inbuilt resilience, as many women do. For the first time in my life, I am living in a rented unit and sharing with another female who has also left relationships behind her. A female cat makes up this happy trio.


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