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  • Brief Readings - Astrology provides answers NOW! - 15 Minutes - astrology.com.au-store

Brief Astrology Readings - 15 Minutes



Sometimes a brief three or four-minute answer to a specific question you have is not quite enough time to satisfy your need for just that little bit more information. For that reason, those of you who are budget conscious but still want to avail yourself of more personal and detailed analysis of your question or horoscope, we have a 15-minute reading which is taped as an MP3 and emailed to you answering your specific questions.

Bear in mind that if you have a few questions you may need to consider a longer 30 or 60-minute consultation but the 15-minute reading will offer you an uninterrupted overview and answer which details the timing, situation and outcome of any pressing problem you may have.

The 15-minute consultation is more or less designed for a quick couple of questions to be answered in a little more depth.
Do you have a burning question? Is your mind disturbed about a particular issue or circumstance? Want fast answers?

Vedic or Hindu Astrology has developed a unique branch of study over thousands of years which can answer these immediate problems without the lengthy and tedious readings that most astrologers and clairvoyants often drag you through.  Some of those questions may include -

*Will my marriage or relationship improve?
*Will I stay with my partner?
*Is my partner faithful to me?
*Will my job application be successful? When?
*Is my health problem serious?
*When and where will I travel?
*Should I change residence?
*Is my friend true?
*Will the contract be successful?
*Will I pass the exam?

Usually, these questions can be answered quite rapidly with charts prepared for the precise time of the question. It is a specialized branch of astrology that gives speedy answers and so also reduces the costs to clients. Usually, a question or two can be answered within about 15 minutes. That's just $ 55.00

Place your order now and we will contact you ASAP and give you more details on how to resolve these problems and how we can help give you peace of mind once again.

Consultation time of 15 minutes is charged at $ 55.00.

Additional time required will be charged at $ 3.65 per minute.

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