•  Single question astrology reading
  • Single question astrology reading

Single Question Astrology Reading



Looking for guidance on a single question or issue?

Dadhichi's intuitive and technical expertise answer your immediate and specific questions and his advice and forecasts are always practical. Dadhichi uses the Horary Astrology System of divination using horoscopes prepared for the time of a question.

How it works: Complete the detailed form at the checkout including your birth details. If your question concerns another person, such as family member or relationship partner add all the information you have in the Partner or Third Person section. Enter your question in the comments and questions area.

The reading: Dadhichi will personally conduct a reading and prepare a mp3 recording which will include 4-5 minutes in answering your query. This will be emailed to you.

How long will it take? Please allow 2-3 days to complete.

This method of astrology is extremely useful and accurate in providing immediate solutions to your problems.


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