•  Special Romance Package
  • Special Romance Package
  • Special Romance Package
  • Special Romance Package
  • Special Romance Package
  • Special Romance Package

Special Romance Package

$44.95 $85.00


The Romance, Compatibility & Destiny Report
This report clearly describes your , love and romantic compatibility with your loved one based on the planetary positions in both your horoscopes. If you're just starting out with someone new, this can also offer insights into the long-term prospects of your new found friendship. This is an easy to understand report that highlights those parts of your character which are important, in gauging your emotional compatibility. 

Romance, Compatibility & Conflict Report
The report will analyse these basic points of contact to arrive at an interpretation of what is central to an enduring relationship or for one that teaches something of importance and leaves a lasting impression. If you have received previous compatibility reports from us this will go even deeper into the patterns which will improve or diminish your love life. Between 8 and 12 pages.

Psyche & Eros Report
The Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis is a Compatibility Report that consists of 4 sections: the first two sections describe the relationship potential of each person, and sections 3 and 4 are the compatibility analysis, describing how the two people experience each other and the relationship from the perspective of each person. This Compatibility Report analyzes and discusses the relationship potential of a couple. It would help the lovers to understand the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues of each person bringing into the relationship.

Relationship Forecast
Love moves in cycles too and the planets can show you WHEN!! What do the stars have to say about you and your current partner for the next 3 months? The Relationship Forecast Report is very precise in timing your emotional responses. It can give you some practical strategies for making your love life work again! If you want to select your best timings this report will prove very useful to you. 

Total value of over $ 85.00 for just $ 44.95!!

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